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For all the wonders of efficiency our modern industrial food system has achieved, it is increasingly clear these gains have been achieved at the expense of our physical and mental health, the degradation of our land and ecosystems, and the homogenization - if not outright destruction - of the local communities necessary to maintain our richly diverse society.  In the race for ever greater efficiency and increasing yields demanded by the modern industrial food system, we have forgotten our agrarian roots and why the diversity of these roots matter to the security of our food supply and our country.


Luckily, there are alternatives to the status quo.  One alternative is local access to nutrient dense foods, produced by respected farmers, ranchers, and provided through food system business, using techniques that work with nature and enrich the land.  Unfortunately, these agrarian businesses can struggle to find trusted partners who can understand this context and provide them with the comprehensive support they need to be the viable alternatives to our current industrial model.  

Propagate Investment was formed with just this in mind – to provide comprehensive, holistic support as unique as each agrarian partner we work alongside.  Only by supporting those who can remind us of what we have forgotten can we reclaim that piece of our identity so critical to our future.  Together we can create the robust, resilient, local food systems we need now and for generations to come.


Don’t take our word for it. Read what our current partners have to say about their partnership with Propagate to help you envision how we can work together as well.

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