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The Propagate Approach


Propagate is unique in its approach to working with clients, who are referred to as partners. Each relationship is approached as holistically as possible, leveraging proven coaching and mentoring approaches, business and technical skill building, direct "skin-in-the-game" financial assistance and long-term sponsorship. By approaching our work in this non-traditional fashion, we ensure the best possible outcomes for our partners, their families and communities, and the natural systems we all depend upon.

Agrarian Enablement

Agrarian Enablement is a simple, 5-Step "listening-centered" coaching and mentoring method which approaches problem-solving differently than mere technical assistance or skills teaching. Traditional problem-solving approaches often need to be repeated to be sustained. Based on proven coaching methods, the goal of our approach is not to just solve a current issue our partners face with a "fix." Instead, Propagate develops a partner’s capability to be self-generating in their capacity to anticipate issues, solve them more easily if they do arise, and grow from every experience.

1. Defining Outcomes: Initial baseline sessions define what each partner is looking for in the relationship

2. Discovery: Learning and listening. We work alongside our partners and their stakeholders-suppliers, employees, customers-to understand who they are and how they "show up" to those most important to their success.

3. Planning: Using data gathered from previous sessions, we work together on a defined plan with specific outcomes, responsibilities and duration. Depending on the plan, outside technical assistance or other resources are identified to help support the partner on their journey.

4. Monitoring & Mentoring: As the partner works on implementing their plan, we provide in-person sessions that enable support and accountability checks to occur.

5. Wrap Up: We revisit the plan and outcomes to understand how the partner can build upon their successes going forward.

Agrarian Sponsorship

Agrarian Sponsorship is an option for some partners as part of Agrarian Enablement. If planning involves the need for additional capital or other long-term support, Propagate is in a key position to provide this support to our partners. This sponsorship can include, but is not limited to, some of the following examples:

  • Capital Access: Propagate can provide direct equity, debt, and royalty financing for our partners.Propagate funds each engagement directly to allow for maximum flexibility in terms to find the best outcome for everyone involved in the transaction.

  • Philanthropic and Nonprofit Support: Propagate leverages our connections with and charitable giving to mission-aligned non-profits to maximize potential impact in our partner communities.

  • Organizational Formation & Governance: Propagate provides formal and informal advisory oversight, including Directorships on partner Boards of Directors or as Managers of partner Limited Liability Corporations. Propagate also supports partner decision making regarding organizational design around cooperative and employee ownership and succession for retiring agrarian producers.

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