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My Story

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

I get asked often why I've landed in this space, supporting small farmers and ranchers. I thought it might be a good idea to share a little of my story to provide some context for those curious to learn more or deciding if I'm the right partner to be working with.

I grew up in the (then) agricultural community of Chino, California, part of a family that has owned a small business for the last 37 years. One of my earliest memories was my parents raising two beeves in the small backyard of our tract home. Agriculture runs deep in my family history. Both sides were farmers for generations - French Canadians farmers in Western Iowa from my mother's side and pre-Gold Rush California Chilean vignerons in Cucamonga from my fathers. Currently, my mom runs a small cattle operation and agritourism space in Northern Nevada. My father passed away a few years back but loved being close to the land and caring for his pastures in his tractor.

I met my wife and best friend, Amy, in high school and together we went to college until i decided to change course and enlisted in the United States Army. Amy and I married and I ended up remaining in the Army for eight years, serving in both the active duty and reserve components. I did operational deployments in Haiti and Kosovo during my short military stint and was discharged honorably as a Staff Sergeant in early 2002.

After the military we moved back to Southern California. Amy and I finished our college degrees at Cal State Fullerton. I started a career in law enforcement, obtaining basic and advanced Peace Office Officer Standards & Training certifications, until my career was cut short by a line of duty injury and a medical retirement. Needing to find another way to support my family, I took my law enforcement skills and experience to the financial services sector. Specializing in legal, risk, and regulatory compliance matters, I worked for 17 years as a senior executive in several financial institutions, from some of the largest global banks to small regional firms, managing teams of hundreds of staff locally and spread around the globe. During an entrepreneurial tangent in my career, I was afforded the opportunity to spend three years at a small technology firm (at the time) called Airbnb as their Payments Chief Compliance Officer. The move was fortuitous for our family as Airbnb changed from a small internet marketplace when I started to the global brand it is today. Coming into that company near the “ground floor” put us in a position to directly provide financial support to causes we are passionate about.

However, for all of my technical experience in the financial services and technology world, what I always enjoyed most professionally was developing people and teams. My passion for working with people motivated me to continue my education to better support the development of those around me. I completed my Master's degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Servant Leadership at Gonzaga University and also obtained my professional coaching certification as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West. My commitment to service and supporting the growth of others around me has always been, and continues to be, a strength I am committed to nurturing.

Along the way I've never forgotten my agricultural roots including my love for all things that grow and those that tend to them. The development of Propagate is one way I've attempted to make a small difference. Wherever we've moved, our home garden or homestead followed us too, complete with a flock of chickens. These personal agricultural spaces connect our family to our own agrarian history and show respect for those still sinking their hands in the soil every day.

Amy and I have raised four wonderful children together over the last 28 years and have called North San Diego County home for the last five years. Over our time together our family has lived in Upstate New York; Washington, DC; Tampa, Florida; and Northern California, giving us a glimpse into the landscapes and cultures that make this country great.

I'm blessed to have a unique professional and personal background which has prepared me to serve others through Propagate Investment. These skills and experiences illustrate my commitment to service, the growth and development for others, and my respect for those involved in the work necessary to feed our communities. I hope to be able to provide you the respect, openness, and support necessary for you to achieve your goals as we work together.


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