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We are very proud of the trusting relationships we've built and nurtured with our partners. Every agrarian practitioner has different motivations, challenges, and dreams to achieve and we work to ensure we arrive for our partners with open minds and hearts in order to serve them where they are, as best as we can.  Below are a few examples of how we have shown up for our partners and continue to enable their growth and development.

Community Food System Business

"Propagate Investment has helped me and my company navigate tumultuous waters over the last year as we consider them one of our most trusted advisors and allies. John's deep listening, empathy, financial experience and business prowess are invaluable skills in the coaching and investor sector. Propagate is the ideal type of investor and confidant that we've been looking for for years providing the style of strategic and holistic partnership that we've longed for. I can't say enough amazing things about John and what Propagate's brought to our ever-expanding table. If you're fortunate enough to work with him I can guarantee you'll benefit from his immense wisdom and business savvy."

Holistically Managed

Livestock & Agritourism Operation 

"Working with Propagate Investments has been a game-changer for our small farm. Their expertise in financial and funding matters has been invaluable, and they have also helped us with contacts and resources, bookkeeping, and have been an excellent sounding board for some of our new and innovative ranching ideas and concepts. Thanks to their support, our ranch has made significant strides forward. We highly recommend Propagate to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and reliable partner in their financial journey"

Regional Food Hub

"Working with Propagate Investments is a true joy. No mere provider of capital, John is deeply committed to our enterprise's success and to our shared mission of growing a flourishing local food system. He genuinely enjoys rolling up his sleeves and digging into the work alongside us, bringing operational acumen and behavioral insights to our collaboration. With his thought-provoking questions, grounded enthusiasm, and access to a great network, John quickly transcended the role of investor and has become an indispensable advisor and thought partner. Should you be so lucky!"
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