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Regional Food Hub Support

Propagate established a partnership with a small regional online food hub who had successfully provided enhanced market access to local agrarian businesses while also enabling secure access to communities most in need of their products. Propagate provided convertible debt financing to make a long-term commitment to the business’s financial success and continues to work with their executive team as a coach and strategic business advisor.

"Working with Propagate Investments is a true joy. No mere provider of capital, John is deeply committed to our enterprise's success and to our shared mission of growing a flourishing local food system. He genuinely enjoys rolling up his sleeves and digging into the work alongside us, bringing operational acumen and behavioral insights to our collaboration. With his thought-provoking questions, grounded enthusiasm, and access to a great network, John quickly transcended the role of investor and has become an indispensable advisor and thought partner. Should you be so lucky!"


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